Our collection of roofline supplies provides everything you need to construct and maintain an attractive and high-performance frontage underneath your property’s roof.

In previous years, timber was the material of choice for many of the products used to protect this part of the home – but uPVC is now considered to be a much more durable material that has the added benefit of being extremely simple to maintain.

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High quality uPVC roofing products at fair prices: that’s our promise.


Fascias act as practical barriers between the edge and outside of your roof. They are the most exposed part of the structure, which means they need to be suitably durable if they are going to protect your property from weather damage.

Your fascias often have to support high volumes of water during heavy rainfall. While they were designed to last for a long time, you may start to notice signs of wear and tear after a few years, especially if they are wooden or PVC.

SMS uPVC’s fascias are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and long lasting to maintain the beauty of your property. Best of all, they are low maintenance and will never need to be painted!


A soffit is an exposed section beneath the overhanging section of a roof. It’s designed to provide complete coverage to the lower part of the fascia, and therefore prevent the weather from wreaking havoc with the roof’s rafters. Soffits also contain small ventilation holes, which are vital to ensuring good air circulation in the loft.

As soffits can be seen from street level, they need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as durable enough to stand up to testing conditions. We supply and install an excellent range of soffits in all manner of colours and finishes to meet the needs of your roofing project.


Damaged guttering can cause serious damage to any home. It’s therefore vital to get your gutters fixed, repaired, or replaced at the first sign of any wear and tear that could be affecting the way your gutter system is functioning. If left unchecked, broken gutters will leave water to run freely down the side of your property, leading to cracks in your brickwork and potentially a whole host of structural problems.

We can provide guttering materials to suit the shape and colour of any roof.

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